Fall Club Rush event showcases Moorpark College clubs and organizations


Moorpark College clubs lined Raider Walk with tents and booths showcasing their clubs during Club Rush on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021 in Moorpark, CA. Photo credit: Rachel Franklin

By Hannah Rios

Over 20 student clubs and organizations lined both sides of Raider Walk for the annual club rush event, which was previously held virtually due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Associated Students of Moorpark College hosted the event from Oct. 5 to Oct. 6 to help students get acquainted to student life on campus and introduce them to all of the clubs. Moorpark College students had the opportunity to visit club booths and mingle with club representatives to get a better understanding of what each club represents.

ASMC Director of Public Relations Priscilla Saerang spoke about why joining a club on campus is beneficial.

“I think that it’s important for students to get involved in clubs because I think clubs provide an opportunity to enhance people’s interests in an environment where they can meet those who share those same interests as them,” stated Saerang. “It also allows the student to become a part of the school further than just regarding their academics, providing them access to multiple opportunities the school can offer.”

ASMC gave out free Kona Ice snow cones to students who visited at least two clubs, according to ASMC Director of Student Services Alette Laughton.

“Giving out Kona Ice to students who visited two or more club booths encouraged passerby students to get involved in our event for sure,” Laughton elaborated. “Giving us members of ASMC a way to receive feedback about the event through student experiences was a great way to measure the success of Club Rush. Most students came back with five or more club visits and were excited to tell us about all of them.”

Aamir Mohammed, president of the Muslim Student Association, explained how Club Rush has helped his club gain more members.

“We didn’t have much, we just had the people we knew,” said Mohammed in regards to how many members the club had. “After we started this up, a bunch of people came to us. I think it was the catchy title (on our booth’s sign) ‘The Best Club.'”

Several of the clubs, including MSA and InterVarsity, plan on participating in collaborative outreach events.

“Anyone who is interested in learning about the faith of Islam should join MSA, and we also have interfaith events with the Christian club (InterVarsity),” voiced Mohammed.

More information about Moorpark College student clubs and organizations can be found here.