The experience of in-person classes at Moorpark College


Student attendees listen to Professor Tamarra Coleman speak during the MC LEADS session in the Campus Center conference room on Friday, Feb. 28. Photo credit: Evan Reinhardt

By Kate Hernandez

Various first and second-year students have not experienced the campus life at Moorpark College due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has challenged in-person instruction for nearly two years.

Moorpark College Student Jeremy Thompson had only taken virtual courses at Moorpark and is curious about life on campus and what the college has to offer.

“As someone who’s not from the community and doesn’t even know where Moorpark is, I’m blank slate about classes there. I would like to know more about the campus and the overall vibe of the learning environment,” said Thompson.

Although online learning lacked factors such as building a connection with others and being able to gain focus, it did have a quality that many haven’t taken into consideration. Thompson also shared his perspective of the realm of online learning.

“As a returning student who already has a career and a family, it can be hard to make face-to-face studies work,” said Thompson. “Online classes afford many people the possibility of education and enrichment where it would not be otherwise possible.”

Over the course of two years, online classes have been a difficult transition for students since some prefer a hands-on learning experience instead of learning visually.

Adapting to online teaching has come with various challenges. Teachers have had a hard time building a strong connection with their students online since they can’t physically see them.

With in-person instruction, teachers have the opportunity to connect with students and get to know them better.

Moorpark College Biology Professor Carri Biggle shared her experience of teaching in-person Biology classes.

“Coming into a classroom on the first day is one of my favorite experiences, I’m so excited to get started I can’t stop smiling. Friendships are developing, I hear plans to study together, phone numbers exchanged, questions about the material and questions about each other,” said Biggle. “I’m learning about them and they’re learning about me. I see their face, hear their voice and feel their presence.”

While a few classes continue to remain with asynchronous and synchronous online learning, in-person class instruction has officially made its return.

On Feb. 14 Moorpark College re-instated in-person instruction for classes originally scheduled to partake on campus.

ASMC Director of Public Relations Priscilla Saerang addressed the process of Moorpark’s transition to in-person classes and being on campus.

“Before walking on campus, you will need to download the MyVCCCD app and fill a daily screening survey for COVID-19. Then you show it to the staff in the check-in stations located at various places around campus to receive a daily wristband. Once on campus, students can enjoy places like the library which has a great view of Moorpark. You can even get a study room for a more quiet environment,” said Saerang.

With the return back to campus, students can officially feel included in the Moorpark community.

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