ASMC approves public speaking club, Speak Up, for Moorpark College students


Image provided by VCCCD photo archive.

By Alondra Alton

During the Associated Students of Moorpark College weekly board meeting, one of the subjects discussed was the vote to approve a new club on campus, the Speak Up Club. The club’s goal is to help students gain confidence in themselves in public speaking, job interviews and interacting with others.

Andre Tueros, the President of Speak Up Club, was present along with Vice President Alexander Gonzales.

After he arrived at Moorpark College, Tueros believed he would attend classes, get good grades and transfer. However, he wanted to do more by helping out students on campus gain leadership and communication skills.

“I feel like both of these skills — going to school you’re not going to learn in your calculus class [or] in your econ class — they’re not going to teach you how to become a leader or how to speak in front of a crowd,” Tueros said.

Tueros and Gonzales explained to ASMC board members that they hope to bring in professionals as guest speakers during club meetings and host workshops for students.

Gonzales previously interviewed as a certified nursing assistant, and believed it would go well.

“I just lost it, I couldn’t really focus and speak coherently. And because of that I didn’t get the job. I don’t know if it’s because of my qualifications or because I didn’t do good in the interview, but I know for a fact something had to do with how I presented myself,” Gonzales stated.

This experience led him to conclude that students need to develop interview and professional speaking skills.

After Speak Up Club’s presentation, the ASMC board members suggested some changes to the club’s constitution and took the final vote.

Following the approval of Speak Up Club, the Director of Standing Constitution and Rules, Jin Kim explained the benefits of being identified as an official club by ASMC.

“One of the main benefits of becoming a club provided by ASMC is that you can apply for a funding request to the programming committee and the programming committee will review your request and they can give you money,” Kim said.

ASMC board meetings are held every Tuesday at 6 p.m.. Members of the public are able to access the meeting using the zoom link in the ASMC canvas shell.