Ventura County distributes vaccinations for the vulnerable population and health care workers


Image Provided by the CDC

By Andrea Lopez

Wednesday’s COVID-19 Press Conference began with Ventura County’s Board of Supervisors Chair Linda Parks. Parks updated on the ongoing progress of getting vaccinations administered and what to expect when making an appointment.

Sharing some good news Parks stated, “of all the counties in the state of California, we are at the very top of getting every vaccine that we can get and getting that into the arms of individuals.” That is 93% of vaccines being distributed to individuals, according to Parks.

It was explained by Parks that for the time being, vaccinations will continue to be for “the most vulnerable.”

Men and women over 65 years of age and health care workers are currently the priority for the COVID-19 vaccination. With online registration, there is now a phone number to call to register for the vaccine, the phone number is (805) 477-7161.

Parks warned people to “be patient, stay on hold,” as the wait is very time-consuming.

Public Health Director Dr. Robert Levin shared the counties most recent COVID-19 numbers. As of Feb. 10, there has been 155 new COVID-19 cases reported, with 13 additional deaths and 55 currently in ICU.

Levin explained in detail what to expect with the timeline of getting the vaccine, as there are two doses to expect.

“The Pfizer vaccine should be followed after the initial dose three weeks later, with a second dose. The Moderna vaccine, four weeks later, with a second dose,” said Levin.

Once the first dose is administered, people are given up to six weeks to receive the second dose.

Levin continued to explain that once the vaccine is given, “you are less likely to get sick from the COVID-19 Virus.”

The possibility of getting infected and infecting others will still be likely, as the protection of the virus is internal not external.

Levin strongly encouraged people to continue to congregate with only members of the household to continue to lower COVID-19 cases.

As of Feb. 8, 98,851 vaccination doses have been administered and 19,183 have been the 2nd round of doses, according to Barry Zimmerman, chief deputy director of Ventura County health care agency.

Zimmerman reminded the public that availability is limited and appointments are offered based on what is available.

The county wants to be sure that when appointments are made, a COVID-19 vaccine will be available for all individuals who qualify in the first phase.

Notifications are to be sent out when it is time for the second dose of vaccination, which is the Moderna dose. Once a notification is received, a second appointment can be made. Messages will continue to go out throughout the week for those who have already received the Pfizer dose and are able to receive the Moderna dose.

Availability dependent on doses are being made “as quickly as possible” according to Zimmerman. An additional vaccination site is hopeful for the City of Oxnard, Ojai, Santa Paula and Camarillo. Current vaccination sites include Ventura County Fairgrounds, South Oxnard Public Health and Goebel Adult Community Center in Thousand Oaks.

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