Nintendo Direct Showcases Upcoming Games


Image provided by Nintendo

By Ali Wire

On Feb. 9, Nintendo hosted their Nintendo Switch Direct live stream to showcase teaser and gameplay footage for games launching in the first half of 2022. Brand new titles, saga additions and remasters are all expected to release this year exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Here are a few of the many titles coming this year.

Disney Speedstorm

Image provided by Disney
Image provided by Disney

Disney and Pixar have come together to create an exclusive Disney racing experience. This game closely resembles Nintendo’s Mario Kart, a game in which players race as their favorite Super Mario characters on several iconic maps from the Super Mario universe. Disney Speedstorm gives its fans an opportunity to race as their favorite Disney and Pixar characters along different circuits inspired by different worlds from the two iconic studios.

Each character chosen by a player will also have their own set of ultimate skills which gives them special advantages in each race. Players also have the ability to personalize their karts and racing suits with extensive customization options. New seasons, characters, circuits and collectibles will be regularly dropped to provide players with new content frequently.

Available to both PC and consoles, this game will be free to download and play cross-platform, meaning anyone can play together without using the same gaming device. Multiplayer mode is available for both local and online play, allowing players to play with their friends or family locally or across the country.

Disney Speedstorm will be available for free download this summer. Players can pre-register now on their official website.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Image provided by Nintendo
Image provided by Nintendo

Wii Sports returns with Nintendo Switch Sports, a new remaster of the movement-based sports simulator exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.

The game will feature several fan-favorite sports from the original series; tennis, bowling, chambara, soccer, badminton and volleyball. Players who purchase the physical copy of the game will also receive a leg strap, used for sports such as soccer in order to create a more immersive and active experience.

Local play and online play will be available, allowing players to pair up or play against their friends. Additionally, online matchmaking is available for anyone looking to join with random players in the same skill ranking.

Nintendo Switch Sports will be available on April 29. Several free updates have also been planned to add additional sports content such as golf, which will be in the fall update.

Nintendo also announced a playtest of the game taking place from Feb. 18 to Feb 20. Players can sign up to preview bowling, chambara and tennis in random matchmaking games. A Nintendo Switch Online account is required to participate. Sign-ups for the playtest began on Feb. 15 on their website.

Mario Strikers Battle League

Image provided by Nintendo
Image provided by Nintendo

The newest installment in the Super Mario series, Mario Strikers Battle League, is a five-on-five sport called Strike. The sport closely resembles soccer but with a heavy emphasis on offensive plays. Players try their best to score goals against the other team by using tackles, special items and specialty character moves.

Similar to Disney Speedstorm, character stats are improved as better gear is acquired. Using the coins that are earned in each game, players can purchase and upgrade their gear as they progress their gameplay.

Mario Strikers Battle League can have up to eight players per one Nintendo Switch console, with four players on each team. Online and local play is available, along with the addition of the online club mode. Players can create or join teams of 20 and compete for placement in the worldwide ranking.

The game will be released on June 10 and is available for preorder now.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land

Image provided by Nintendo
Image provided by Nintendo

The platforming adventure game Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the seventeenth installment of the Kirby series and will be their first 3D mainline game. Players take control of the iconic pink puffball as they explore through the mysterious, abandoned wastelands throughout this new world and discover traces of an ancient civilization.

Kirby, who copies abilities by swallowing enemies, weapons and items, will have a brand new set of skills to get them through the game with Mouthful Mode. Kirby can inhale and transform into many new shapes and items, such as a car to travel quickly or a vending machine to attack with juice cans. Players will face new enemies to test out these new moves and skills.

Players can also take a break from exploration to visit Waddle Dee Town, where they can play mini-games and even share scores online with friends with a Nintendo Switch Online account.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land releases on March 25.

While there are many new additions added, Nintendo will also be putting effort into remastering old games and providing free updates to current games. Nintendo announced several iconic collections that will be coming to the Switch this upcoming year, such as the Kingdom Heart Series, Portal series and the Assassins Creed Ezio stories. While these series are not new, they will be an entirely new experience on a handheld console, along with visual and control reworking.

Additionally, Nintendo will be releasing and remastering the roleplaying game Live A Live. Live a Live was released exclusively in Japan in 1994; this will be the first time the game will be available overseas. The game will have new stories and will contain translations of the original game backstory.

The entire list of all games, updates and remasters coming to the Nintendo Switch can be found here.